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Technology is complex and changes fast.  Most businesses are wasting valuable time and money using systems that no longer suit their business today.  Even worse, outdated systems stand in the way of business growth. With all the choices out there for systems to support your business, it can be overwhelming, time-consuming, and confusing to figure out what you need and how to implement it well.  


Our Fit Finder engagement will give you access to the smarter systems roadmap & independent expertise you need to get the best systems for your business quickly.


 With Fit Finder, we dive into your unique business, document a clear set of needs, and prioritize the most critical aspects for strategic & tactical wins into a framework that gets the right technical minds working for you effectively. You'll finally have the information necessary to confidently select the best solutions for your business.

We’re here to help make the roadmap clear, straightforward...and even enjoyable!  


Our experts are here to help you figure out where your business is going, and how to get there.  Access the expertise, on-demand, and enhance the performance of the existing technical team, including your Managed Service Providers.


The Fit Finder engagement entitles you to a business case assessment and technical maturity review that leads to a smarter systems roadmap to help you pick the right solution for your unique business.


Meetings are scheduled in advance, typically take place over the phone, and are sometimes supplemented with online meeting and/or screen-sharing software (e.g. Teams, Zoom)

We have three offerings to choose from:


  • Discover and Charter - Participation in an initial in-depth assessment to capture your must-have business requirements, long-term business goals, executive stakeholder interviews, existing systems architecture, active projects, and organizational challenges.

  • MIS-Fit – An IS practice assessment of the state of the business technical architecture and the capacity to support innovation.  Review the infrastructure, management, business application portfolio, documentation, and the like to ensure that the solutions proposed consider the IS supporting the business or future partner support needs. 

  • Call for Champions – We identify the systems thinkers & technically inclined team members that can help innovate and lead the change from within the business.

  • Customization Assessment - Do your business operations align with standard practice?  If not, we will explore and recommend if a custom solution supports a differentiator that gives your business a competitive advantage.

  • Best-Fit Opportunity – Identify (3-5) potential solutions/providers, best practice opportunities, and outline the primary business needs to support the final selection process.


Everything in Essential, plus:

  • Visionary Analysis – Highlight the implementation framework, budget, financial impacts, and overall change management considerations for your people.

  • Vendor Negotiations – We speak the language and understand the industry jargon included in vendors' offerings, demonstrations, and capability presentations.  We will facilitate vendor response to deliver targeted demonstrations and proposals striving to ensure you see your business in the offering – avoiding vailed, canned, and murky solution reviews.

  • Solution workshops (2-3) – We will join you in your selection process, providing evaluation scorecards and frameworks for effective evaluation results.  We will support the business selection process to ensure early business adoption and ownership of the selected solution is established from the start.


Everything in Pro, plus:

  • Contract negotiation - We will support the vendor contract negotiation process, including the presented implementation review, partner selection (if separate), and included partner support roles.

  • Implementation readiness assessment - Does your team have established roles, responsibilities, and experience to successfully implement the chosen solutions?  We will assess organizational maturity, impact and readiness to target successful project response.

  • IS Team FitSM Framework - Ensure your team has the best-practice structure to facilitate the coming changes, increased demand, and support capability for continuous improvement.

  • Guided Journey – Consider us as a trusted partner from the initial implementation kickoff to Go-Live and beyond.


We’re here to help. We’re not just another technology provider —we’re the business coach. We’ve got the experience, and we’ve got the right tools to help you get your business on the right path.

  • We’ve advised C-Suite, leadership, and technical teams both directly and indirectly for more than a decade

  • We have strategic partnerships with Microsoft, NetSuite, SAP Partners, many MSP providers, and more

  • We have lived in your world as corporate, small business employees, and independent entrepreneurs

  • 40+ combined years of Information Technology & Systems solutions Experience

  • Academic study in business administration and management information systems, industry expert certifications, and many more…

100 % Money-Back Guarantee

The first discovery call is free and there’s no risk or obligation. If we agree that the opportunity will add value, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee. We don’t want your money if we’re not a good fit. If you’re not happy with our kickoff call for any reason, just let us know and we’ll refund your money in full.  There is absolutely no long-term obligation too. You can cancel at any time and you will not be charged again.

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